UFO Sightings News: UK Witnesses Confused By Strange Lights

A series of UFO sightings were reported in the UK last week, which led some to make appeals and gather more information about the incidents on social media.

On May 5, Thursday, a couple was observing the skies hoping to see the International Space Station (ISS) and accidentally witnessed an unidentified flying object.

"I was looking for the ISS with my husband and thought that the light I could see was the space station, but then it started moving in different directions," wife Gail Phillips told Lincolnshire Echo, a local daily.

Phillips said she first saw the space station when a mysterious light started hovering in the night sky.

The couple said they managed to locate where the ISS was in the night sky, but the UFO distracted them. Unfortunately, they were not able to capture it on video at first, which makes their recording of the incident incomplete.

"We watched it for about 30 seconds before we thought we would record it," she told Lincolshire Echo. "We thought it was too dark to be a remote helicopter."

"Then it started to move backwards, which was a little strange," Phillips added.

In another report by the Mirror, Gavin Davies, a paranormal investigator, has launched an appeal on Facebook for witnesses to gather more information on a suspected UFO sighting that occurred in Wales.

Davies was also trying to locate the ISS.

He requested witnesses to collect information, footage, and photos of the same cluster of lights he and the Phillips couple encountered on May, 5.

Davies described the UFO as a large object with bright lights and two smaller lights around the object. He said it was heading east.

He told the Carmarthen Journal that he was also trying to locate the ISS when he saw the flying object hovering above Carmarthenshire.

"My immediate suspicion was it was the International Space Station but I checked and it had already passed," he told the Carmarthen Journal.

Davies owns a website that deals with paranormal activities. He is author of A Most Haunted House, which is a bestselling book.