Toddler Sees Jesus Numerous Times Before Passing Away from Heart Condition, 'Rejoice! Rejoice! Manuel' She Sang (VIDEO)

Joyful toddler Giselle Janulis sees Jesus and sings his praise before dying at the tender age of two years-old.

The parents of Giselle were not aware of their child's heart condition until she was about seven months old. Doctors discovered that baby Giselle had a congenital heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot, the most common cause of blue baby syndrome. Tamrah and husband Joe Janulis were completely surprised to find out about their baby's condition according to

"I thought there was nothing wrong," Tamrah recalls. "I wasn't prepared. I was at the hospital and my world completely stopped. I was in shock, speechless."

Little Giselle underwent heart surgery and doctors also recommended a heart-lung transplant. The concerned parents decided to opt out of the second surgery, but followed doctors' prescription for a series of medicines. "I gave her meds every other hour and shots twice a day," Tamrah said.

Giselle Janulis
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Giselle had her first vision of Jesus after her second birthday. It reportedly happened in their family room, only a few weeks before her passing.

"Hey Jesus. Hi. Hi Jesus," she said. Tamrah said she proceeded to ask Giselle, "'what do you see, babe?'"

"Hi Jesus. Hi," the toddler continued, eyes wide with enchantment, the mother told Godpost.

Tamrah asked where Jesus was and Giselle pointed,"Right there."

Another vision took place in their car and one more in a store according to Tamrah.

"One day in the car, Giselle began to spontaneously sing, 'Rejoice! Rejoice! (E)mmanuel...' She had not learned to pronounce 'E's' so it came out as Manuel," the mother said.

According to the family, Giselle had never heard the hymn before. Another occurrence happened in the weeks leading to her passing, the toddler began singing "Hallelujah" as she walked around the house.

"We're a very musical family and Giselle was always singing," Tamrah stated.

Tamrah and her husband Joe described that they knew Giselle's heart was not working properly because her hands, feet, and lips began to exhibit a slight bluish shade, but they still did not know her passing was forthcoming. Four days before the time, their daughter's condition worsened.

"She was getting weaker and weaker," Tamrah said. "Her hands and feet started tingling and the tissue started dying. Her feet, hands and lips were increasingly blue.

Giselle passed on March 24th, in her mother's arms as Joe had his arms wrapped around the mother and daughter.

Godpost reports that Cindy Peterson, Giselle's grandmother, believes the veil between Heaven and earth was pulled back slightly, in preparation for her ascent to Heaven and that is why the baby saw the visions and sang the songs. "She had a foot on earth and a foot in Heaven," Cindy said. "She was joining with the worship in Heaven."

Tamrah told the publication, "I don't know why Giselle was born this way... That's one of the questions I will ask God."

"My miracle is that she lived as happy as she did," Tamrah believes. "Every day with her was like a miracle to me."

She went on to say,"It gives me hope that she saw the Lord and she is in heaven with Him. I know she is up there and she is waiting for me."

Giselle Janulis
Giselle & Tamrah Janulis |
(Photo : blog)
Giselle & Tamrah Janulis

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