Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Commercial Bloopers Reel Released by T-Mobile "Everybody thinks I want a contract" (VIDEO)

T-Mobile has released a comedic blooper reel of the 2014 Super Bowl commercial featuring Tim Tebow's several attempts at saying his lines for the ad.

Tebow entertained viewers with the telephone phone company's "no contract" promotion by parodying his inability to make an NFL team last year.

"Everybody thinks I want a contract," said Tebow in the Super Bowl commercial, before displaying all the accomplishments he has done minus an NFL job which comprised of confronting Bigfoot and saving little puppies.

The bloopers reel of the ad mostly consists of Tebow almost delivering his lines before breaking character and starting to laugh.

T-Mobile's Super Bowl spot featuring Tebow received positive reviews from viewers, with The New Yorker calling the spot "clever" and "pretty funny." Additionally, Forbes reported that Tebow's comfortable role as a T-Mobile spokesperson proves that he has the ability to form his own personal, likeable brand. Tebow recently stopped playing in the NFL and picked up a job as an ESPN analyst for the college football circuit.

Advertisement specialists agreed.

"It was one of those few spots that had a point, entertained and was self-deprecating. I give him high grades," said Jon Bond, CEO of marketing company Tomorro LLC in a NY Post article adding. "It's good for his career."

Most Recently, Tebow signed a multi-year contract with ESPN to work for the SEC Network, which debuted in August 2014. He made his ESPN arrival on Jan. 6, 2014 during a pregame show prior to the BCS National Championship Game.

Previously, the former Denver Broncos and New York Jets athlete was cut by the New England Patriots during the 2013 NFL preseason and did not find a new squad during the regular season.

After being released by the Patriots, Tebow made his intentions known that he has an unrelenting yearning to return to the National Football League as a starting quarterback.

Tebow's new ESPN contract would not prevent him from returning to the NFL, according to the ESPN announcement.