‘Thor 3’ Movie Spoilers, Plot Rumors: New Enchantress Blocks Jane and Thor’s Love?

As the production for Thor 3 is well underway, rumors have emerged saying that an unexpected love triangle between Jane, Thor, and another enchantress is set to appear.

Darren Franich from ET Weekly said the crew might add in the character named Amora the Enchantress,"I say turn Thor 3 into a [Chris] Hemsworth Chemistry showcase, with not one nor two but three leading ladies," writer Darren Franich said.

Amora the Enchantress is the nemesis of Thor, she is a seductive and powerful sorceress who can enslave a person with just one kiss.

"She's sort of Thor's Catwoman - sometimes a villain, sometimes a love interest. Let's throw her into the mix as a Loki lieutenant. Maybe, after a couple years of relative tranquility, Jane gets suspicious that Thor has returned to his old wild-child ways," Franich added.

There is also speculation that Thor 3 will be the final installation of the film series. In Thor: The Dark World, the plot revealed Loki sitting on the Asgardian throne, fooling Thor that he was Odin. This leads to the possibility that producers might incorporate the storyline of the comic book, Ragnarok, in the upcoming installment.

In Ragnarok, Loki dies. He created an army collaboration with Thor and Asgard's enemy Fire Giant Surtur. During the combat in defending Asgard, Loki was decapitated.

In the comics, Asgard will fall, and all of Thor's troops who gathered to defend it, never stood a chance since the legendary hammer was destroyed. Thor then surrendered Asgard to their enemy, Muspellheim.

Thor also dies in the Ragnarok plot.

The hero discovers that there are gods above him who sit in the Shadow, and that it is said that these forces had ensured the fall of Asgard. Thor was insulted by the higher gods and went to Yggdrasil, the tree of life. He met with a woman who gave him a tapestry which he destroyed, thereby cutting his immortality short.

Only time will tell whether or not Thor 3 will step back into the its roots by following the story line found in the comic series.