The Mentalist Season 7 Release Date, Spoilers: New Season to Introduce New Character Named Michelle Vega

While CBS is yet to make an official announcement regarding the release date of police procedural drama series "The Mentalist" Season 7, it is understood that fans will likely have to wait till September 2014 to watch their favorite show.

In the latest cast rumors, it has been learned that a new character called Michelle Vega will be seen in "The Mentalist" Season 7. The professional manner of this new character may clash with protagonist Patrick Jane's unconventional investigation ways.

TV Guide posted a brief description of Vega last Monday. According to the report, she will have "by-the-book-ways", denoting the new series regular "will clash with Patrick Jane's style" in Season 7.

For the time being, CBS has not revealed the actress who will be portraying the character. Besides this information, TV Guide does not provide us with any further detail regarding the character.

However, like in the previous season, fans can expect plenty of drama in the new season too. In fact, the end of Season 6 has unlocked numerous possibilities, especially pertaining to the relationship between agent Marcus and Lisbon, in addition to Jane. There is a possibility that this relationship will develop into a love triange and fans would certainly enjoy the building up of tensions surrounding those relationships.

"The Mental" Season 7 spoilers indicate that the upcoming series will also bring in yet another series regular. It is rumored that the new character will be a recruit from the bureau, besides being a combat weapons expert, who functions excellently in high pressure situations, which of course occur regular in the show. In addition, Vega gets further involved in Jane's professional life.

Nevertheless, the rumors of "The Mentalist" Season 7 do not tell much about what extent this affects Patrick, his work or his liaison with Lisbon, particularly when they have begun a new episode in their relationship in Season 6 of the show. What is sure, however, is that Season 7 will present various twists, drama as well as thrills, particularly following the climatic defeat of the villain in Season 6.