'The Last of Us 2' Release Date News: Game Sequel Going To Be Unveiled At E3 Event?

Sony is set to bring the game sequel "The Last of Us 2" to the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 2016 event.

The giant tech company is set to release a trailer for "The Last of Us 2" at the E3, which is set to take place this month, according to Crave Online, as cited by Cross Map. As per the publication, fans are now thrilled to see some concept arts and new clips for the much anticipated game, especially that the E3 event is fast approaching.

According to Telegraph UK, "The Last of Us 2" is one of the most wanted games at the E3 2016. As per the publication, the game sequel to the emotionally disturbing post-apocalyptic action drama title "The Last of Us," is set to explore another set of characters and locales, which means that it will not closely follow the Ellie and Joel story line.

"The Last of Us 2" ignited rumors after "Uncharted 4" indirectly hinted an easter egg for the game, through "The Last of Us: American Daughters" poster. It generated various speculations, such as the involvement of Ellie's mother, in addition to a pregnant Ellie. Also, one question among fans' curiosity is Joel's whereabouts.

Other rumors about "The Last of Us 2" include Ellie as the game's lead protagonist, as she is younger than Joel and she has demonstrated impressive combat skills. On the other hand, it is also rumored that Joel might die at the start of the game, just like what happened to her daughter Sarah in "The Last of Us."

Nonetheless, the E3 2016 is assumed to unveil relevant information about the forthcoming game sequel.

Overall, "The Last of Us 2" is set to be unveiled this month.