'The Last of Us 2' News, Rumors: Release Date Set To Be Announced During E3 Conference In June?

While the official news channels and rumors are silent about the exact release date for "The Last of Us 2," what's clear is that Naughty Dog is putting aside all development for the game until "Unchartered 4" DLC is released.

But there's a bit of good news for fans "Unchartered 4" has already hit some consumers about two weeks from its official release on May 10, which means Naughty Dog can focus on the sequel of the very popular survival horror game.

With the release of "Uncharted 4," the DLC could not be far behind.

Naughty Dog's creative director Neil Druckmann said in a news update that they have already been working on some ideas for "The Last of Us 2."

"All those things were left on hold when we had to come onto Uncharted 4 to direct the project," he said. "Our next focus is the single player [Uncharted 4] DLC and then, once we have enough resources, resurrect all those prototypes, see where we're at, see where the teams at, what they're excited for and go from there."

According to Christian Times, the release date for "The Last of Us 2" could be announced during the E3 conference in June.

Rumors about the storyline for "The Last of Us 2" which will reportedly not involve Joel and Ellie have caught on like wildfire. Reportedly, the sequel will instead be a prequel that will explain the events in the original game. Of course, there's no way to vet this information for now. Perhaps as the release date draws near, more details will come out from the studio.