T.D. Jakes Tells Larry King 'God is the One thing that Cannot Be Proven' and Likens it to Proving 'Love' or 'Pain' (VIDEO)

Veteran host Larry King is known for grilling evangelical minsters on their faith. During a recent interview with Bishop T.D. Jakes the host discussed belief, racism, and politics.

King asked Jakes about faith and wanted to know how he found it.

"I believe it like I believe I'm in love," Jakes replied. "I could never prove to you that I'm in love, but I know that I am. I believe it like I know when I'm in pain. I could never prove to you that I'm in pain, but I know when I am. God is the one thing that cannot be proven. He must be revealed. It is the most personal relationship you will ever have in your life because it lives within your heart."

"I can see why he's famous," King jokingly said.

King and Jakes also discussed racism; in which the pastor stated he does not think it is an issue that "will ever totally go away." Jakes maintained that people would always find something to fight about.

"It's not always over black and white, but it's always over something," he said. "It's stupid and it's ignorant, but that's part of humanity - and I think that we who are victims of it in any way have to move beyond it and progress and not make changing your heart the goal of my life."

Jakes assured viewers that they have "no control over how people think." He also said during the interview that the government "cannot legislate love."

King, as an avid supporter of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), asked Jakes what he thought of President Obama's health care law.

"I do support the ACA," Jakes said, but he confessed the "critics are right"-that there are "problems" right now, but that those will be corrected moving forward. Jakes feels the ACA is "a starting point" to help people get the care they need.

"What do you think about religion in politics?" King asked. "Obviously they're supposed to be separate."

"Whenever someone gets ready to run, they get religious," Jakes said.

Watch clips of the Jakes interview on Hulu here.