'Street Fighter V' Update News: Original Character Will Join Roster Of Warriors?

"Street Fighter V" is finally coming to PC and PS4. | Capcom-Unity/Street Fighter V

One of the original characters of the video game series has returned in "Street Fighter V," following its April update.

Capcom made the announcement on Twitter on April 26, as the company said, "Guile is planned to be released in North America on April 28th by 7pm PST! #SFV #RiseUp."

Harrison Young also talked more details of Guile's addition in the "Street Fighter 5" April update in a blog post for Playstation.

"Guile is certainly one of the most iconic Street Fighter characters as he was one of the original eight World Warriors in Street Fighter II," he wrote. "His connection to Charlie Nash was revealed in his Street Fighter II ending as he prepares to finish off M. Bison once and for all for killing his friend and mentor - but is stopped at the last moment by his wife Jane."

As to details of his abilities, it seems Guile will have three sets of devastating attacks, such as the Sonic Blade, the Solid Puncher and Sonic Hurricane. The latter will prove to be the most devastating of all, hitting the opponent with the Sonic Boom.

Leading up to the release, Guile could be had for free along with his battle costumes, but it wouldn't be for very long; at least until Zenny Shop will develop his trials and character story.

Meanwhile, Capcom-Unity revealed more details of the "Street Fighter 5" April update as it said that all the bugs and glitches would have been fixed.

The bugs had affected Bison, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Cammy, Dhalsim, Karin, Laura, Necalli, M.Bison, R. Mika and Alex.

For more info about the glitches and their fixes as a results of the big "Street Fighter 5" April update, visit Capcom-Unity's official website.