Spanish Actress and Model Olalla Oliveros Quits Entertainment Industry to Become a Nun, 'He Asked if I will Follow Him, and I Could Not Refuse'

Spanish actress and model, Olalla Oliveros, is giving up her success in the entertainment business and moving into ministry as she has announced her plan to become a nun.

An "earthquake" was caused in her life when she visited Portugal's Sanctuary of Fatima, according to Christian Headlines. This prompted her to join Spain's Order of Saint Michael.

"He asked if I will follow Him, and I could not refuse," Oliveros said according to Christian Headlines.

Christian Today reported Oliveros is not the first model to join the church. Amada Rosa Perez of Columbia joined the Roman Catholic Marian habit in 2005.

"I always sought answers and the world never gave them to me. Being a model means being a benchmark, someone whose beliefs are worthy of being imitated, and I grew tired of being a model of superficiality," Perez said to El Tiempo in 2010.

"I grew tired of a world of lies, appearances, falsity, hypocrisy and deception, a society full of anti-values that exalts violence, adultery, drugs, alcohol, fighting, and a world that exalts riches, pleasure, sexual immorality and fraud," Perez shared. "I want to be a model that promotes the true dignity of women and not their being used for commercial purposes."

It appears Oliveros is looking for that same peace and responsibility.

The model's former agent told El Diario de Carlos Paz that Oliveros had just accepted a role in a movie, and then experienced her transformation.