‘The Sims 4’ Free New DLC Update: EA Content Patch Downloads, Star Wars Costumes, Pools [Launch Dates]

EA's Sims team announced that they will be providing free content updates for 'Sims 4' after a conference call on October 1. The new patches will be released on certain dates and provide a lot of the content that fans have been demanding.

Since the release of 'Sims 4', gamers have been commenting that there's not much to do in the fourth installment of the franchise. Apparently, many of the features that were enjoyed in the previous versions have been taken out.

A few major issues with the new game are that there are no toddlers, pets, schools, or pools. While many gamers might not be phased by this, a lot realize that without theses aspects, there's not much to do in 'Sims 4'.

Ever since EA released the newest addition to the 'Sims' franchise on September 2, fans of the series have been wondering if getting the new title is worth it.

Now that the developers have announced the launch of new DLC updates, gamers have something else to consider when thinking about buying a copy.

What's more is that the new content will be available on certain dates, and the first three updates will be launched October 1.

The content patches, Ghosts, Star Wars Costumes, New Gnome, and New Eye Colors will be available for download today, Oct. 1. These new updates are linked to and have arrived just in time for the upcoming holiday, Halloween.

Beyond that, additional changes to the game will be released in downloadable form in the upcoming months.

Gamers will be excited to learn that Pools will now be featured in 'Sims 4' sometime in November, 2014. Clearly EA has heard the gripes and pleas from their fans, and have returned one of the more popular features to the franchise.

Lastly, fans can look forward to new Careers that will also be downloadable. The new Sim Careers will be available for free in December of 2014.