'Secrets and Lies' Season 2 Premiere Date, Cast News: Detective Cornell Finds Out Vital Info Behind Kate’s Murder

In line with the upcoming season 2 of ABC's hit television series "Secret and Lies," it has been revealed that Detective Cornell will explore Kate's murder, which allows him to discover some vital information. Also, the series is rumored to air this summer.

According to Movie News Guide, "Secrets and Lies" season 2 will see Detective Cornell investigate Kate's death and this will let him uncover dark secrets as he contacts Kate's husband Eric and his entire family. The kind of information, as well as its impact on Cornell and the other characters, is unclear and is yet to be revealed.

As per the publication, "Secret and Lies" season 2 is also set to see series star Juliette Lewis as Cornell as the only cast member from the first season. In May 2015, her co-star Ryan Philippe, who played Ben Crawford in the series, confirmed that he would not be returning to the series' season 2.

In his interview with Movie News Guide, Philippe said that he was so happy and excited for all involved that "Secrets and Lies" would return for another season. He also mentioned that the story of season 1 had been told completely and season 2 would be just as emotional and compelling. A source also told the publication that the actor's inclusion in the series was only plotted for season 1.

According to Enstarz, "Secrets and Lies" season 2 is rumored to air in the latter part of summer 2016, adding that the show might have been moved to July for ABC to market the series with its promo clips. As per the publication, it is likely that the series will return in July, with a rumored episode entitled "The Brother" set to air on July 1.