Sarah Silverman on Jesus: 'I love the idea of Jesus' and 'I'm not against Christianity' She Tells Rolling Stone

Sarah Silverman tells Rolling Stone Magazine in a recent interview that she "loves" the idea of Jesus and is "not against Christianity." Rolling Stone Magazine sat down with Silverman to discuss her recent controversial pro-choice video featuring a vulgar mock actor representing Jesus. The popular magazine questioned Silverman as to why she did the video.

"To me, I love the symbol of Jesus. It's so odd to me that so many people on the far right use his name to justify terrible things that I can't imagine he'd approve of," she answered.

She then shares that she believes people who are pro-life and are against the killing of innocent unborn babies are interpreting The Bible for selfish reasons. "It comes from a fear of the unknown, fear of change, and clinging to this book that is art. It's to be interpreted. And it keeps getting interpreted just for people's own means, people's own agendas."

"I'm not against Christianity. I date Catholic men! That's always what they come back with, 'Sarah Silverman mocks Christianity!' I'm not! As a matter of fact, I have no religion and many people in my life that I love and respect and even look up to have religion," she adds.

Some Christians have taken to protest Silverman's controversial actions and the message she is trying to promote about Jesus. Although both sides are extremely passionate the comedian states that in one particular protest she encountered, things ended peaceably. "We just talked and I didn't try to fight them," she said.

Going on to say that she walked over and chatted with those opposed to her views. Adding, "if you can connect with people, it goes so much further than arguing and trying to convince yourself that you're right or they're right."

The Anti-Biblical stance she has taken is taking a toll on her support. "This is terrible for my career, make no mistake. This is not good for my career, and it definitely lost me an entire kind of audience," she explained, adding, "I'm the Poorest Famous Person in the World."

Silverman goes on to say it is not Jesus that upsets her it is some of his followers. "I love the idea of Jesus. The quotes that are attributed to him are so beautiful. I can't imagine how the people that shroud their hatred in his name would respond if he came today."