Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Edge Release Date News: Monster Phones Set To Hit Shelves In Early 2017?

Samsung has been pushing the envelope in terms of the technology for its flagships, and the Galaxy S8 won't be any different as specs and features have already been leaked this early ahead of its planned 2017 release date.

According to the rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with a 4K display on the AMOLED screen. There's no news yet on the size of the screen, although the Galaxy S7 is already 5.5 inches so it's hard to envision the South Korean company to go smaller again.

"On the hardware end, we're expecting the Snapdragon 830 to make it on the Galaxy S8, which should provide the device with several critical performance upgrades," WCCF Tech said. "These range from 4Kx2K recording, support for LPDDR4X memory, increased clock speeds for the Kryo cores and improved basebands."

The only detail so far about the specs for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is that it may come with a 6 GB of RAM, but of course everybody will just to wait for the 2017 release date for confirmation.

And Samsung is not done yet, as the Galaxy 8 will only be one of the five flagship devices that the South Korean company plans to release in 2017. The others are the Galaxy Note 8, the Galaxy Note 8 EDGE, Galaxy S8 EDGE and what everybody has been talking about, the Samsung Galaxy X.

The Galaxy X, which is being developed under the codename Project Valley, is reported to feature a foldable LCD display.

"If this rumour turns out to be true - particularly the Galaxy X stuff - then Samsung will have perhaps the largest arsenal of high-end Android phones on offer in early 2017," Know Your Mobile said.