‘Duck Dynasty’ Star News: Actress Sadie Talks About Inner Qualities, Travels Guatemala For Donating Boots?

"Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson prefers people to begin concentration on their inner qualities instead of their physical appearance, after some news about donation of boots to Guatemalan children, according to recent reports.

Inspired by a sermon given by Elevation Church Pastor Steven Furtick, Robertson took to Instagram her insights what people put in their mouth and what they put in their hearts.

According to Robertson, people worried so much about what they put in their mouth, adding that they were so on guard on what they put in their mouth so that they would look good on the outside.

Robertson also mentioned that while people would diet from gluten, carbs, and sugar from their mouth, they would not guard their hearts from hatred, jealousy, negativity, and gossip.

The "Duck Dynasty" star recommended that instead of spending all their time worrying about what was going in their mouth, they should start worrying about what was coming out of their mouth.

For Robertson, things started with a person's heart and that what was going to make a difference in one's world.

Robertson also shared her thoughts on the Bible verses Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, which is about the significance of family, friendship, and love, according to Christian Today. As per the scripture, two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. It is added that if one person failed, the other could reach out and help; on the other hand, someone who falls alone is in real trouble.

For the "Duck Dynasty" actress, it was so important to have "that person" in one's life. "Who is your person?," she asked her fans.

In other news, Robertson has also recently traveled to Guatemala, in partnership with Texas-based Roma boots and donated hundreds of footwear to children in the locale, as per Christian Post. In a statement, the actress said that they were going to give poverty the boot, adding that she felt so honored to be part of a great way to give back.

Founded by Samuel Bistrian in 2010, the Roma boot company has donated boots to children in 25 countries in five continents to date.