‘Outlast 2' News: Developer Confirms Return Of Musical Compser, Teases Upcoming Trailer

In line with Red Barrels Studio's "Outlast 2," the studio has revealed that the title is set to be scored by a familiar musician, along with forthcoming game trailer or demo.

Samuel Laflamme is set to score "Outlast 2," according to Red Barrels. On Aug. 15, the studio wrote on Twitter that Laflamme would be back for the score of the title, as a response to game enthusiast Jancarlos (@madjancarlos), who asked who the musical scorer for the game would be.

According to his official website, Laflamme, who is based in Montreal, Canada, has done various scoring styles for films, shows, television, and documentaries. His skills include classical orchestration and modern writing, along with electronic techniques. The musical scorer got his first Juno nomination in 2006 for Best Musical Theme for "Ding et Dong: la vraie historie."

Since scoring the original "Outlast" in 2013, Laflamme has also worked on various other projects, including "Foundation Maman Dion," "Revolution Tranquille," "Mon Indoniesie," and "Fermier Urban," among others.

Aside from confirming Laflamme's return for "Outlast 2," Red Barrels also teased that they had more goodies on the way. This was in response to RonsterGame's (@RonsterGames), who asked if there would be another trailer or demo for the title.

"Outlast 2" is Red Barrels Studio's forthcoming first-person survival horror video game and indirect follow-up to "Outlast." Set in the same realm as its predecessor, the title follows cameraman Blake Langermann, along with his wife Lynn. Both are investigative journalists who are open to undergo risky operations to touch stories about things other people do not want to touch.

Red Barrels Studio's "Outlast 2" is set to be released for the Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Xbox One in the spring of 2017.

Watch the trailer for "Outlast 2" here.