'New Girl' Season 5 Premiere, Spoilers: Megan Fox Plays New Character, Brings Any Change?

Aside from Megan Fox playing a new character in the American sitcom television series "New Girl" season 5, the series is also set to see its characters in metamorphosis, as per recent spoilers.

Fox would be joining the cast ensemble of "New Girl" season 5, playing the role of Raegan, to fill in the slot for Zooey Deschanel, who plays Jess, according to Hollywood Life. As per the publication, the Deschanel is going to be on a maternity leave following the early episodes of the television show.

Fox's Raegan is set to rent Jess' room temporarily, as the latter was gone for a moment because of a jury duty, according to the Huffington Post. This suggests that fans would be seeing the "Transformers" actress in several episodes of "New Girl" season 5.

In other news, "New Girl" season 5 creator and showrunner Liz Meriweather revealed that fans would be seeing changes in the characters in the forthcoming season. In her interview with TV Guide, Meriweather said that the show had been around for a while and long-running shows were at risk of going stale, adding that letting the characters grow up was a way to keep things fresh.

Meriweather also provided finer details on Fox's character. In the same interview, the "New Girl" showrunner said that Raegan would not be the "kooky" character fans had learned to love about Zooey. She added that she would give a fresh look at the characters, because she was tough and not into the wilderness and feelings and neuroses that all of the core characters had.

While Jess is away, Fox's Raegan could bring the series to new heights as a new character and new girl.

"New Girl" season 5 airs Wednesdays.