Antonio Neal Releases Music Video For His Single, ‘We Remember'

Antonio Neal

Antonio Neal released a music video for his single, "We Remember," which marks the 150th anniversary of the Memphis Race Riot, also called the Memphis Massacre, where some 46 African-Americans and two whites died, and scores wounded.

Keith Norman, the NAACP president of the Memphis branch, thanked Antonio Neal for performing "We Remember" during the dedication service at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee recently. A historical marker was also erected to commemorate the seminal point in the country's history.

"Your performance was uplifting and inspiring," he said. "'We Remember' is a beautiful music video and an inspiring tribute to the victims of the 1866 Memphis Massacre."

Although the Memphis Massacre was a large part of American History, particularly on the racial tensions that dominated its earlier existence, not a lot of people know about the tragedy.

This is the kind of historical oversight that the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site is aiming to correct. The foundation sought out the help of Antonio Neal for the song "We Remember."

Timothy Good, superintendent of the national historic site, explained, "A significant part of the mission of the National Park Service, throughout our 100 years of service to our nation, has been to educate the American people about their past through oral presentations and the written word."

For his part, Neal said that his inspiration for "We Remember" is derived from driving in one of the neighborhoods where the actual riot took place.

"To know that this is the first video and song tribute of this kind ever for this piece of American history really takes my breath away, because I know that it will live on beyond my lifespan."

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