Morgan Freeman Says 'God and the Devil are One...They're Not the Same, but They're in the Same Body'

Actor Morgan Freeman said he has played God and now wants to play Satan on the big screen. In a recent interview with Freeman revealed he believed God and Satan are one and they live in us. 

Freeman is well known in Hollywood for his extensive catalogue of movies from; The Shawshank Redemption, to Se7en, and for playing God in the comedies Evan and Bruce Almighty. When questioned about what roles he would like to play other than the ones he has already, his response was in contrast to his trademark roles as a calm, trustworthy character.

"After God, I think I should play Satan. Remember when Al Pacino played Satan in The Devil's Advocate? Like that."

He continued, "I think that God and the Devil are one. They're not one in the same, but they're in the same body, and it depends on which one of them surfaces."

Freeman insinuated that he believed all people have God and Satan inside of them. He added that his faith in a god is his faith in himself. "The highest power is the human mind. That's where God came from, and my belief in God is my belief in myself."

The Driving Miss Daisy actor said that some of his biggest concerns with the world are overpopulation and how people handle agriculture, stating that humans are turning "everything on the planet into food," so the population is running out of energy for everyone.

"I feel we've become a parasite on this planet. That's like saying you don't believe in God, but yes, if this population keeps growing, we'll just keep devouring the planet, and I don't think it's going to stand for that very long," he said.

His Dailybeast interview is not the first time Freeman opened up about his belief in God. In fact he has been very vocal about his Godly views. When the actor was on Piers Morgan Tonight, Morgan questioned Freeman about whether or not he was "a God-fearing man."

Freeman responded and said, "No, I don't fear anything. I'm God. Now, that sounds frivolous but what I mean is that if God exists it only has to - it can only exist in you, not outside you, right?"

Freeman's comments on his philosophies have disappointed many of his fans. Some said intellect and ego have clouded the actor's ability to believe in anything other than himself.

One reader posted on and said, "'Bruce Almighty' has gone to his head!" Another commented on his Dailybeast interview inquired, "So I'm just trying to get this straight. If you just put the energy of your mind to it and say it will be, then it will because you decided it will? Is he a member of the same church that Travolta and Cruise belong?"