'Minecraft' News And Update: Minecraft's New Exploration Update Offers New Enemies, Items And Quests

MOJANG/ Minecraft

Minecraft launched this week the Exploration Update, which is a free expansion that offers a broad range of new enemies, items and quests.

Especially tailored for players who love searching through Minecraft's wild wilderness for hidden treasures, the Exploration Update offers new elements such as map traders. Its llama caravans also let player-led expeditions produce special equipment and other valuables.

As soon as players install the new update, they will meet the new villager type known as the Cartographer, whose job is to dole out treasure maps in exchange for emeralds. These maps lead players to brand new locations and dungeons which have emerged across the worlds of Minecraft since its last content-expanding update.

Following the new treasure maps, players may bump into seaside Ocean Monuments, which include deadly Guardians who hand over important resources when they get defeated. Explorers who are well-equipped may also want to see the Woodland Mansions, a new location type that is festered with magic-wielding Illagers.

When players succeed in taking out enemies at the Woodland Mansion, they are awarded the Totem of Undying. This totem is a rare item that grants players the privilege to be automatically saved from risky and even deadly situations. The Totem of Undying gets activated as soon as the health meter of the player empties, to restore him to full strength.

With the new update, players can now also saddle wild llamas to create a protective caravan train. Having several llamas gives explorers little fear from monsters that roam around the Minecraft worlds, as they target threats that come nearby.

The Exploration Update is currently available as a free download for Windows 10 and Mac versions of Minecraft.