Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC Specs, Release Date, Price Rumors & Design

Surface All-in-One PC

The release date for Microsoft Surface All-in-One PC is just around the corner, and we have compiled below all the news, specs and price of the new device.

Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC: When is the release date?

The device will reportedly be launched on Oct. 26, during the huge event set by Microsoft. However, it must be said that the company has not confirmed this to be true, but the talks are getting loud about the device being unveiled along with other products.

Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC: specs and price

As to the specs of the Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC, it's supposedly going to be 21 inches with a resolution of 1920x1080p in a touch screen display. Some rumors claimed that the higher end model is equipped to support 4K videos, which means the resolution is bumped up to 3680x2140p. The more expensive model will also have 24-inch screen.

There's no word yet on whether it will utilize the Kaby Lake processor, or will still be running Skylake. There's also no confirmation or rebuttal on rumors that it will be using Nvidia's Pascal architecture.

In terms of price, the Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC will cost about $999 at least.

Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC: Design

According to initial news reports, Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC will have a detachable screen due to its modular design. That means the device can double as a tablet in case of presentations or entertainment purposes.

Watch out for more news on the Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC in terms of specs, release date and price. We will try to get your more information immediately after getting them.