Manafest Explains the Meaning Behind the Name 'Manafest'

BEC Recordings' artist and Juno Awards Nominee, Manafest, took time to tell his blog followers why he chose to call himself 'Manafest'.

Manafest says, "One of the most common questions I get asked at shows while meeting people signing autographs is "Why the name MANAFEST?"

He continues, "Not everyone knows that when I first started writing music I was in a group called "Under One King". When I left that group to go out on my own as a solo artist I needed a new name. I wanted to call myself "SPEEDY" because that was my nick name from skateboarding but all my friends in the music industry thought it sounded dumb."

After talking to a friend on the phone, trying to come up with the right name 'Manifest' came up. "We came up with a whole bunch and I was like NO, Nope, that's lame, and then finally MANIFEST. Right when my friend said that I was like yeah! Plus we will switch the "I" to an A and spell it like "MANAFEST". At the time there was no meaning behind the name except that it sounded cool."

Manafest however found the meaning in the name saying, "Now to me it means to be a light in a dark place because when anything is made Manifest it's because it's been exposed by the light. I've always wanted my music to be encouraging and shine light or my perspective on life. We didn't flip the A upside down until the album Glory which was my wife's idea just so the logo would stand out more."

Manafest's advice to those who are looking for the right name, "spend some time on your name, because it's yours, be creative but most importantly be you."

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