MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date, Specs Unveiled, To Be Launched Along With iPad 3?

Latest reports from several sources says that a newest version of MacbookPro will be released along with the long anticipated iPad 3.

Speculations says that Apple intends to use the same intel processor for Macbook Pro. But this time it will be the Skylake- U processor which gives more power greater than 34 percent of synchronization of data from other sources. Intel graphic cards is said to be used as well for a greater and higher definition of images. Larger battery will be applied as well for longer endurance.

On the list is OS X (Unix-based graphical interface operating system) which was previously used in other Apple gadgets such as Macintosh. Just like the past gadgets developed by Apple, finger scanner is also on board for the Macbook Pro for security purposes. USB port type C will be added for storage and transfer of data.  And a more added RAM is planned for the Macbook Pro than the Macbook Air.

On the other hand, it was reported that Apple intends to release Macbook Air 2016 late of December this year, but will delay the launching of Macbook Pro in the market to avoid unnecessary self competition. But despite of the few months gap of the release, still CEO Tim Cook is confident that both Macbook Air and Macbook Pro will be of big hit in the market. With regards to the official date of MacbookPro released, Australian Network News reported that probably by the Spring of 2016 it will be out in the market.