Kirk Cameron Promotes New Christmas Movie & Defends Santa Claus by Replacing St. Nick with Modern Day Evangelist Billy Graham [INTERVIEW]

saving christmas

Christian activist and actor Kirk Cameron is gearing up to release his new film 'Saving Christmas' on November 14 and the 'Fireproof' star opened up to BREATHEcast about his film and the controversy surrounding Christmas and Santa Claus.

"I love Christmas, I'm a Christian and I love Christmas," he immediately assured, "When I write the date on a check every time I write 2014 that should remind me that something very important happened 2014 years ago and we still record time today by that first Christmas. That's what separates AD from BC."

Cameron set out to make a movie to help Christian skeptics understand why he celebrates Christmas and all of its festivities including Santa Claus. Throughout the years some evangelical Christians have disassociated themselves with celebrating Santa claiming that it was a diversion from the true meaning of the season. Along with Santa, Christmas day itself and all of its festivities have received a bad rep for its close ties to pagan origins. These accusations have been happening as early as the 1600's when the puritans banned Christmas.

"I love everything about Christmas the traditions, the cookies, the Christmas carols, nativity, the Christmas tree, the stories, everything, and I know that there are a lot of people that want to squash all of that," the father of six said, "Some people want to squash it simply because they are anti- Christian. They hate nativity's they just want to rip them all down and then there's others who have said 'I've heard that there's all types of pagan origins to Christmas, Christmas trees," and "Santa is a satanic distraction."

When asked where he got the arguments he made in his movie the actor said, "I got most of my information from the movie from friends, pastors who have preached against all these things that we do at Christmas time." Cameron then stepped in to save the day. "I thought someone needs to get to the bottom of this and settle it and something tells me that we're looking at these things the wrong way," he continued.

He proceeded to give an example, "If I said to you it was evil to eat Chinese food, and you said 'why'?" he then answered his question by saying, "Well, Chinese food was invented in the east. That's the heart of the most sophisticated forms of paganism. In fact, it's an expression of eastern philosophy and when you eat sweet and sour pork you are actually eating food that was made in accordance with the philosophy of Ying and Yang."

He went on to say that sweet and sour represented Ying and Yang and the whole point of the sauce was to get people to "ingest food that was associated with a religious philosophy," and that would help people embrace that philosophy as a worldview.

"No matter how hard you try when you eat Chinese food with MSG you're becoming addicted to the Ying and Yang philosophy," he maintained, "and you cannot stick a Jesus sticker on your chicken chow mein and say it's okay for Christians to eat it."

Cameron then brought his point home by admitting that his Chinese food analogy could be considered "silly" but said, "We could replace Christmas, Christmas trees, for every time I just said Chinese food and that's exactly what people have done to take some of the joy out of our celebrations."

Santa Claus is often another controversial topic among Christians for several reasons. The 'Growing Pains' star chose to defend Santa by using a modern day respected evangelist in his place. "A lot of people have said get rid of Santa all together and I say, you know if Billy Graham, an iconic figure of Christianity, manages to have people still talking about him 1500 years from now and they have him dressed up in a funny suit flying around with magical reindeer I would high five Billy in Heaven and say 'Billy you must have done something amazing if people are still talking about you 1500 years later.'"

Cameron continuing his illustration said, "He'd probably laugh and say ' yeah I don't know what the suit is about, but I sure tried to preach the gospel'."

"That's what Saint Nicolas did he defended the doctrine of the trinity at the counsel of Nicaea. That's just church history that's where I got that," he noted.

When asked what the proper balance for a Christian should be when celebrating the traditions as well as the savior, a very passionate Cameron said it's the same as choosing not to be a "glutton."

"It's about taking the good things that God has made and using them rightly," he declared, "So yes Santa and the story of the magical elves that come from the North Pole, treating that wrongly can become idolatry and distract from Christ, but so can Christmas carols, so can Christmas dinner. What I'm saying is, it's called self-control, and it's called focus, its called honoring Christ."

The actor said Christians could spread the message of Christ's birthday by inviting friends and neighbors into their Christmas celebrations. "Everyone loves the guy on the block, or the mom on the block that invites people over for a barbeque or a party. At Christmas time open your doors and invite your neighbors into the story that you're celebrating. The story of this king and his kingdom and tell them how they're invited to be part of the kingdom as well," he advised, "Put up your nativity, put up your Christmas tree, take a picture with Santa and when you show people that picture then share with them the story of the real Saint Nicholas."

'Saving Christmas' hits theaters November 14 for two weeks only; to get tickets to see Cameron's take on Christmas visit Watch the trailer below: