Kevin Max Reveals Reason for Audio Adrenaline Departure, 'No Hard Just Didn't Match What I Do' [INTERVIEW PART 1]

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Christian music legend Kevin Max spoke to BREATHEcast about his upcoming project Broken Temples, his departure from Audio Adrenaline, and revealed a bit of his musical artful side. In part one of our series with the former DC Talk singer, Max shares his feelings about being an independent solo artist.

In a previous interview, Max explained that much of Broken Temples was material written for Audio A before they decided to part ways with each other. When asked if he had to redirect the songs, he said it was the new found independence that allowed him to keep the songs distinctly his own.

"I really didn't have to change much after going independent. The songs that I had written for what would be Audio Adrenaline 2.0 were traditionally my kind of style anyways," he said, "I feel like the management was thinking 'These are a little too much like you and we need to bring some more people in there'."

What Max meant by that was, traditionally bands or even artists in Nashville collaborate with a number of other writers to create what would be deemed the best songs possible and get more influences into the sound. However, this batch of songs was more Max's style, and they wanted others involved to help give the record a different feel.

"At the time, of course they sound like me, because it's me writing them," Max said, "I wasn't against it." He said he wrote with Mark Stuart, the original singer of Audio A, and Seth Mosely a couple of times in the beginning stages of Kings & Queens.

However, management wanted to go another direction with the band's music, and it was something not particularity suited to Max's unique style. In other interviews Max said the band was going into more of a worship type setting, and would also sometimes function as a house band for Christian events.

Max met with management and the two sides mutually agreed that parting would be best for both sides. Max said Stuart was in agreement with him being solo again as it was best for his career. "It was a great parting, there were no hard just didn't match what I do."

Max shared that he loved his time with the group and is still really great friends with all the guys. "Again, I wish them the best of luck." He still communicates often with Stuart and said his relationship with the original guys in the band was something that led management to choose him to front A.A. 2.0 in the first place.

Facebook: Kevin Max
(Photo : Facebook: Kevin Max)

As someone constantly pushing the enevelope of his creativy whether it be music, poetry, or even literature, Max has seen a lot of change in his career. He has gone from the hip-hop roots of DC Talk through their pop rock transition into being a solo artist. From there, he became the frontman of an already established band going through a remake and now finds himself on his own again. This no doubt has sparked and created a whole different musical spectrum for him to explore.

"I feel like all music when it's being written is one big massive timeline," said Max, "When you're writing, you're usually writing from perceptions that are happening around you in that moment. You might be writing from past memories, you might be writing about things that might come to pass. Generally speaking, you're are influenced by what might be happening at that time. I feel like as a solo artist whenever I write something whether it's poetry or a book, or music - there's a direct correlation."

Be sure to check back with BREATHEcast tomorrow where we will dig deeper into the creation of Broken Temples, and Max's ideas of breaking out of the signature "Christian mold" of music.

Max is currently running a PledgeMusic campaign with an unknown goal to raise money to release his new album. As a Christmas gift to his fans and pledge supporters he released clips of the new album with the help of his kids.

"42% [now 49%] of the goal met, with 40 days left to go"¦. if we can make 1% a day happen, we have got this wrapped"¦ and it only means the best product and extra material for the listener"¦. Thank you to all who have supported thus far"¦ But we need your help to push through to the end!!! please consider telling your friends, or if you haven't already, choose something to Pledge for and we will make sure that you are not disappointed. Peace to ALL" he wrote on Facebook.

That snippet of Broken Temples can be seen here.