Katy Perry First to Reach 50 Million Followers on Twitter; Huge Spike in Follows After Grammy Award Performance Filled with Satanic Imagery

Katy Perry, singer of the controversial performance at Sunday's Grammy Awards, snagged the top spot as the most person followed on Twitter according to Twitter Counter, a service for tracking Twitter usage.

Perry is the first person ever to have more than 50 million followers on Twitter. Perry dethroned Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga for the top spot on the list.

1. Katy Perry50 million
2. Justin Bieber49.2 million
3. Barack Obama41.1 million
4. Lady Gaga41 million
5. YouTube38.9 million
6. Taylor Swift38.7 million
7. Britney Spears35.6 million
8. Rihanna33.8 million
9. Instagram30.5 million
10. Justin Timberlake30.2 million

Perry performed "Dark Horse" with her collaborator; rapper Juicy J, in a dark Goth-themed performance Sunday night. Although the performance was highly criticized for glorifying satanic rituals and imagery, her influence has seemed to skyrocket making the gap between first and second place spot for most Twitter followers, by an 800,000-follower difference.

Perry started the performance inside a crystal ball as demons circled her while dancing on every side. She then began pole dancing for the audience on an upside-down wooden broom. By the end, she was standing in front of a fire. The former Christian singer had a Knights of Templar cross-lit across her chest.

Perry grew up in a Christian home with both parents being Pentecostal traveling ministers. The singer recently told Marie Claire during and interview that she no longer identifies with any religion, completely removing the star from her Christian upbringing.

The singer confessed in an interview a few years back that she wanted to be the Amy Grant of Christian music, but when it did not work out, she "sold her soul to the devil." Perry is not the first to make that confession in mainstream entertainment but if in fact that is her truth her influence in the next generation has now exponentially increased.