K-LOVE Fan Awards 2015: Casting Crowns' Mark Hall Announces New Live & Worship Album; Speaks on the Power of Prayer [INTERVIEW]

Casting Crowns

BREATHEcast had the chance to catch up with one of CCM's biggest groups of all-time, Casting Crowns, at the K-LOVE Fan Awards 2015, where we caught up with lead singer Mark Hall's health and the upcoming projects on the horizon.

When asked about his recent bout with cancer, Hall said "I'm doing great!"

"It was a slow process, but I'm back in the saddle and we're on the road again doing our student ministry so it was an interesting year," he shared.

His battle was much publicized because of his status in the band, but because of that he received prayers from milions of people worldwide. Continuing on with the fan support, Casting Crowns was yet again deemed worthy by music listeners to be nominated for Group/Duo of the Year and Artist of the Year.

"Anytime people that listen to Christian music are encouraging us through the K-LOVE Awards it's a special thing just being here is awesome," Hall said.

The fans however, are not the only people who support Casting Crowns, internally they consider themselves a family, and when Mark went down, the others stepped in the fervently pray as well.

"It was a little scary at first but we're basically a big family so there's a lot of prayer and prayer time even with our crew guys because we really are just one big family. And just praying him through it and just incredible to see the power of prayers when you see them being answered...It's been a big blessing to me personally to have the privilege of praying for one of my best friends," said violinist/vocalist Melodee DeVevo.

Lastly, Hall announced that they will be "recording a live record this summer and getting started on a worship record next year."

Wath the full interview below: