Jim Carrey Gets Slammed for Promoting Satanism & Illuminati on SNL [WATCH HERE]

Jim Carrey SNL

Jim Carrey hosted the Halloween edition of "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend and conspiracy theorists immediately jumped on the actor for claiming he was in the Illuminati and dressing like the satanic image, Baphomet.

For the show's opening monologue Carrey came out dressed as Hellvis. He was a Baphomet looking Elvis from the '70s era with curly horns and red jumpsuit. The actor joked that Elvis is in Heaven now, but he is a hybrid of the famous singer named Hellvis.

Dressed as Baphomet and claiming to be from hell was enough ammunition for conspiracy theorists to jump right on it. Watch the skit below:

In the second skit Carrey introduced himself as a senior member of the Illuminati. Another conspiracist said, "The Illuminati will always hide the truth in plain sight! Once again they did that by having 'senior member' of The Illuminati Jim Carrey appear on the show." Watch the skit below: 

In the last skit of the show Carrey plays a demon possessed salesman plugging his Halloween shop.

Are these videos fun entertainment or in fact a ploy to push a satanic agenda? Leave your comments below.