'Jane The Virgin' Season 2 Spoilers: Jane and Rafael Plan for Baby Mateo's First Christmas

Jane the Virgin
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Jane The Virgin is back on December 14 for their mid-season final after a three week break. 

The show posted a tweet for those who are dying to watch their next episode:

Jane the Virgin tweet

A lot of things happened last episode that will surely make the mid-season finale very interesting.

According to IB Times, Jane and Rafael are planning for baby Mateo's first Christmas. Since they are not living together, they had to find a way to share Mateo with one another on that day. They somehow managed to find a way to amicably share custody of their son at first but later on had a massive fall out. Jane got furious at Rafael after finding out that he had set up Michael, her ex- fiancé, so that Jane wouldn't end up with him.

Jane will also be facing some problems with her studies. Her scholarship application was denied and now she must find another way to pay for her education.

Michael is still in the hunt for Luisa's mother, which he thinks is still alive and may be connected with Sin Rostro, according to n4bb.com.

In addition, Rogelio also hires an intern whom he'll have trust issues with. Petra on the other hand, will be bothered by her mother's situation.

It was given earlier in the series that Jane will be married at the end of the season. As of now, we can't exactly tell who will be the groom of her wedding. Maybe we'll find out soon enough. The episode 8, "Chapter 30," will be aired on The CW 9:00 ET.