Is Cursing a Sin? Matt, Toby, and Joey of Bad Christian Don't Think So and Here's Why (INTERVIEW)

The members of the Bad Christian Podcast chatted with Breathecast about their mission and ministry, convictions, and Christians being tough on them about their use of "cuss words."

Bad Christian is a label, a podcast, a book, and a group of three long time friends looking to get honest, real, and authentic dialogue started regarding the sometimes complex, sometimes too simple message of Christianity. Matt Carter, Toby Morrell, and Joey Svendsen are not perfect, and neither is any other follower of Christ. This is why they chose to do this.

Matt and Toby are from the Christian rock band Emery, and Joey, started off in Emery, but was then lead to become a pastor. These three get together weekly to have conversations with musicians, authors, atheists, and even ex-porn stars to get the inside look at what fellow Christians struggle with or how people view Christianity in different perspectives.

They each have their own set of convictions and standards and are aware that "Some of the stuff we said is probably wrong," admitted Joey to BreatheCast. With that being said, they have no problem digging right in with people who share unique views on faith and sin. Often times their interviews or even language is dubbed "offensive" or "controversial" by mainstream Christianity. One of these things is the use of cursing within BC.

BCP started because Toby and Joey would have talks about deeply religious things they thought others may find interesting. Matt was onboard with the idea and joined. They decided they were going to speak how they speak to each other normally, unfiltered and not throwing around "Christianese."

"No I don't have a conviction about the words that I use whether it be sh** or whether I use the 'F word' in what I would consider to be a positive way, not a vulgar or graphic way," Matt said. "The way I view these words is essentially the same as how your grandma would come down on you for your use of the word 'sucks' essentially. It means something, and your grandma thinks it's inappropriate and you shouldn't say it and it hurts others so you should not do it. Of course almost everyone uses language that's offensive to some."


Bad Christian
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In a previous blogpost addressing the use of swear words, which can be read here, Joey wrote: "It is fairly common for Christians to try and refrain from using words that borderline on cussing. Unfortunately, they additionally create a whole Christian language on their own, totally aborting any words that mainstream culture is accustomed to, and simultaneously forming a Christian 'replacement language' which greatly conflicts with Jesus' efforts to relate to, befriend, and find common ground with unbelievers."

"Do you think someone is less moral and/or less spiritually mature if they say the word 'Damn?'  What about 'Darn?'"

BC is just being more honest instead of careful. When they talk to other people, even in the Christian world, "of course they use stronger language than in public," this includes pastors, bands, officials. "I want to talk the way I talk to my wife and my friends in front of people," Matt said.

"Hey your Christianese is very offensive," said Joey, who does not like it. "It would be messed up if we said it's sin, and said it anyway because that's going to help people or make people mad. We don't think it's a sin, we just don't."

"This is me, take it or leave it" Toby chimed in. He said he does not have to defend it. "Don't listen to Bad Christian." In their experience, only Christians have complained. Non-believers have not complained about them not being "Christian enough." "They want to know who Jesus and this truth is," said Toby.

Matt closed the discussion by saying they doing not lose credibility as believers because they curse; only to Christians who want to "judge and put others in their place."

"The way we talk is the way everyone in the world talks, and it's not a sin, why hide it." They are not being "vulgar for the sake of being vulgar," and it is not something that is excessive in their podcast either.

Matt, Toby, and Joey are actually tired of answering this question as far as writing on social media and comments. They did not mind discussing it with us over Skype.

Next week there will be much more of BC on BC, where they will discuss so called "Christian bands," having their minds changed by their guests, and their thoughts on Michael Gungor.