‘Hemlock Grove’ Season 3 Renewed or Canceled? Netflix Show to Be Canceled Following Low Ratings

'Hemlock Grove', the Netflix original series which just premiered its second season, is in danger of being up for cancellation, according to rumors. This is allegedly due to the weak ratings and overall performance of the horror-thriller TV series, compared to other Netflix original TV series such as 'Orange is the New Black' and 'House of Cards'.

According to reports, the online entertainment streaming giant is currently trying to focus on Netflix exclusives, instead of the usual streaming of classic movies. The company is allegedly trying to shift its focus onto compelling original flicks that Netflix subscribers are sure not to find anywhere else. The move is part of the company's attempt to compel more users into subscribing to the leading entertainment site.

'Hemlock Grove', despite its originality, has scored poorly with Netflix user reviews, garnering only a combined 3.9 stars out of 5; undoubtedly a failure when compared to other Netflix originals such as the original hit TV series, 'House of Cards', which first premiered in 2013, and gained a whopping 4.8 stars, also 'Orange is the New Black', premiered in the same year, and scored a total of 4.4 stars.

However, the online entertainment streaming giant still has not confirmed nor denied cancellation (or renewal) of the horror TV series which first premiered in April of 2013. Reports point out, however, that Netflix Content In Charge Executive Cindy Holland previously said that Netflix original TV series are only cancelled when the investment required by a show supersedes the number of subscribers forecast and the expected number of viewing hours.