'Hawaii Five 0' Spoilers, Cast News: 'Captain Phillips' Star Barkhad Abdi, & Michael Imperioli Join Series

'Hawaii Five 0' fans will be excited to learn that two new guest stars (with a familiar faces) will be appearing in upcoming episodes of the police procedural drama series for its fifth season.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Michael Imperioli has agreed to become Odell Martin for at least two episodes.

In Season 5, Odell will be moving to Oahu, Hawaii in an attempt to escape his criminal history and leave it behind. Although he runs a legitimate barbershop with several other ex-cons, Odell can never escape his past entirely.

The "Five-O" will be coming to the wizened barber for more information about street crimes, and Odell will need to do what he can to help. On a side note, Michael Imperioli is best known for his role on 'The Sopranos' where he also starred as a mobster living in America.

Barkhad Abdi is also eager to join the world-wide sensation, 'Hawaii Five-O'. The actor from Tom Hanks' movie, 'Captain Phillips', will have a guest-star spot on the show as Roko Contee for Season 5. According to Entertainment Weekly, Roko is an ex-Congo warlord who supposedly died several years ago.

To the elite police team's surprise, Roko is alive and well, hiding on the streets of Hawaii as a cab driver. Roko will have a major role in the upcoming episode. Executive producer Peter Lenkov admits to writing the episode with Barkhad Abdi, or Roko Contee, in mind. "We were able to get him to the island and that was a big coup for us."

For Abdi, this season of 'Hawaii Five-O' will be something of a starting point to his growing acting repertoire. Be sure to watch Imperioli and Abdi in the upcoming episodes of this thrilling drama, scheduled to air on Friday, January 2.