'Halo Wars 2' News: Short Demo To Be Unveiled At E3 2016; Artwork Leaked?

Halo Wars 2

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 has been in the talks especially these past weeks because it is just right around the corner. For Microsoft, there will be a lot of games to feature in this event, and it is not gearing in for a new "Gears of War 4" feature but instead pushing for the "Halo Wars 2."

According to Christian Today, the developers of the game may let the fans at the expo to play a quick demo of "Halo Wars 2." The teased on a blog; saying: "The Halo Wars 2 team is anxiously gearing up for E3, where the game will indeed be playable. There's also - well, I can't talk about more just yet."

Also, according to Windows Central, Lifelower, a self-proclaimed Xbox enthusiast, forecaster and watcher, posted a few artworks that may have been for the upcoming "Halo Wars 2" release. Lifelower has established himself in the scene. In the past, he was able discover store listings and as well as marketing materials from games which had been really secretive with their developments. It is with high probability that the cover of the game will be revealed in the expo next week.

"Halo Wars 2" is a real-time strategy (RTS) video game which is currently being developed by Ensemble Studios. The game will be published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360 video game console. The game is focused on military combat but also contains The game focuses on military combat, but contains streamlined resource management and base construction elements regarding streamline resource management and base construction.

The game is set the be released later this year.