'God's Not Dead' Actor Kevin Sorbo Says Faith In Jesus Christ Has Cost Him Movie Roles in Hollywood...And Also Not Voting for Obama

When "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" star Kevin Sorbo recently promoted his new Christian film, "God's Not Dead," he revealed that expressing his strong Christian faith has cost him multiple acting gigs in Hollywood. In a recent article, Sorbo also said be believes he is being blacklisted because he is neither a Democrat or a Republican.

"I mean I'm an independent in Hollywood. I've voted Democratic in my life, I've voted Republican in my life. I'm one of the few people I think in Hollywood who actually comes out and says 'Hey, you know what, I vote for who I think is the best person, period,'" said Sorbo to BeliefNet.

The 55-year old actor further expressed his thoughts on why he is neutral when it comes to the two major political parties in the U.S. As a result, he has faced some hardship in his journey as a actor in Hollywood.

"I'm not a party guy. There are people on both sides of the political fence that I don't agree with. To me, I look to see who I honestly think is going to be the best person. So, that, in itself, is enough to get me blacklisted in Hollywood...They scream for tolerance, They scream for freedom of speech but it you disagree at all with what they're saying then they can blacklist you. They have the power to do that," said Sorbo to The Epoch Times.

The Minnesota native also expressed how viewpoints have directly affected his career.

"There's also negativity towards people who aren't liberal. There's no question that it has hurt me in Hollywood that I didn't vote for Obama," said Sorbo to Fox News. "There's so much bashing going on in the media and world for people who believe in God. I'm just not afraid of the [politically correct] crowd I'll go right back at them."

Sorbo explained that he does not get disappointed when people have a different opinion than his own.

"I get it. I understand that but, on the same side, it's like 'Okay, why can't I have an opinion? Why does that cost me jobs?' I mean there's so much anger ... in Hollywood. It's weird. Their arguments aren't logical. They aren't based on fact. If you hit people up with facts, they just say you're wrong and they don't give reasons why you're wrong," said Sorbo to The Epoch Times.

Sorbo is a very outspoken Christian who is never ashamed of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. The former "Andromeda" star recently spoke to BreatheCast about multiple topics including playing Prof. Radisson in the new Christian film and his viewpoint regarding Christians criticizing other Christians and misinterpreting the Bible.

"You have extremes on both sides," said Sorbo to BreatheCast. "Whack jobs on all sides, if you are truly a Christian in my mind you don't condemn people who say they're Christian, you shouldn't condemn anybody anyway. The whole idea is to love your neighbor as you love yourself, but the problem is a lot of people don't love themselves."

"God's Not Dead" was directed by Harold Cronk, and stars Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper, Dean Cain and David A.R. White. The "God's Not Dead" film is currently in movie theaters.