'God Of War 4' News, Rumors: New Installment Absent From Gamescom 2016

Facebook/God of War

There are rumors saying that "God of War 4" may not be included in Gamescom 2016. It may be unfortunate for our God of War fans out there but we have more news about this popular video game.

The reason why "God of War 4" will not be included in the game is because Sony decided to skip the event this year. The company may be too busy working on other projects such as the launch of PlayStation Neo, but we don't have any confirmation on that yet.

Creative director of "God of War 4" Cory Barlog explained that the upcoming installment in the God of War series would focus on the personal journey of Kratos and his son and also the growth of their relationship as father and son. While the son is learning from his father the way to being a Norse god, Kratos on the other hand, learns how to be human again through his son.

According to Digital Trends, will be in a trans or rage almost throughout the whole story of the game. However, now he will have the ability to somewhat control his rage since he have been training for it when he isolated himself from other people. According to Game Rant, the game will have over 100 hours of game play which would definitely give all of the gamers their money's worth.

God of War is an upcoming third-person action-adventure video game which is currently being developed by Santa Monica Studio. The game is et to be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game will be exclusively available for the PlayStation 4.