Feminist Abortion Activist Burger King Employee Attacks Peaceful Pro-Life Volunteers, 'I Have No Regrets' (VIDEO)

An abortion activist dressed in her Burger King work outfit attacked a couple of pro-life supporters in the street and hurled expletives while assaulting them.

The peaceful protestors posted a short description on their YouTube page, "Created Equal's team downtown was met with verbal and physical abuse by one passerby. Please pray for this young woman."

According to WND, Created Equal stages anti-abortion protests outside of political buildings. The staff are usually volunteers or interns.

The woman in the video has been identified as Victoria Duran, and according to training director Seth Drayer (the man filming), she pushed him twice. One of the times was into a stationary bus, which can be seen in the video. In addition she got in their faces, tossing curse words, and destroyed some of their Created Equal stands.

"We're smart about it. We don't want people getting hurt. We try to behave in a way we think's Christ like, and respecting people's opinions whether they agree or not," said a Created Equal staffer to Fox News, "We believe in forgiveness. If she were to say I'm really sorry, and told me she was sorry for she did,; she'd sound truthful about it, we'd even consider dropping the charges."

Duran spoke to Fox News on the site of her job while still wearing her drive thru head piece. She said she did not feel it was an assault on her behalf, but rather a move to not film her without her consent. She said she had, "no regrets."

According to the report, Duran is charged with assault and criminal damaging.

Watch the video below (WARNING EXTREME LANGUAGE):