Eva Mendes News: Actress Features New Fashion Line on Ryan Gosling’s Dog George

Actress and blossoming fashion designer Eva Mendes speaks out again and promotes the latest update on her fashion line which will be out in New York City for 'New York & Company' and her latest model to promote the seemingly chic and fashionable line? Ryan Gosling's dog!

Apparently, Mendes and Gosling love their dog George and as the two adore their furry friend, Mendes had a little playtime with it and hilariously dressed him up with one of her latest dresses from her line and posted it on her social media as she now raises awareness to the latest addition to her fashion line.

Mendes' line isn't for dogs just to be clear but in their pet George, it seemed quite fitting as he looked adorable with the colorful dress wrapped around his head. Mendes had a little fun with Gosling's dog as she posted the photo on Instagram writing the caption "My new #evamendesnyc @nyancompany collection is out in stores today! Here's a shot of my first customer."

"He can't decide between the gray boots or the burgundy. What do you guys think?" Mendes continued adding "I keep telling him to just go with what feels right. He's such a little fashionista though. Won't leave the house until everything's perfect. Hope you guys love it as much as we do!"

And indeed the people love Mendes designs ever since she first launched it back in 2013 featuring office-appropriate looks, suits, jackets and dresses that for years made women look sharp and chic at the same time.

Mendes also even tried other collections including those for bride-to-be's that definitely made a mark on the fashion world. Indeed Mendes brings the latest and freshest pieces for women proving to many people that she is indeed not just a pretty face and a great actress, she is also a great fashion designer.