'Doctor Who' Season 10 Cast Update, Rumors: Peter Capaldi To Reprise His Role As The Doctor

"Doctor Who" producer and writer Steven Moffat voiced his thoughts on what fans could expect in the upcoming season 10 of the fantasy television series.

In his interview with Cult Box UK, Moffat said that he was just embarking on the new season of "Doctor Who" and that it was terrifying, adding that he had to make all those again.

When asked about the actor who would play the Doctor, Moffat said that "Doctor Who" actor Peter Capaldi was going nowhere. This supports that information that Capaldi had agreed to stay on for at least one more season for the series.

In October 2015, a source told Mirror UK that Capaldi had made it clear he was happy playing the Doctor for as long as the BBC and viewers wanted him. The source added that Capaldi was keen to complete three years playing the Doctor to round off his storylines and that would take the audience until the end of this year.

About the "Doctor Who" season 10 director, Moffat said in the same interview that he had spoken to "The Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson face to face and the latter would have liked to do one. According to Moffat, Jackson accepted that there was no money and that there was no time, and it would have been when he was available. For Moffat, he thought that it would happen at some point.

In the same interview, "Doctor Who" production designer Michael Pickwoad said that the series' season 10 would start filming in May. Capaldi also said that filming would begin this year.

Moffat also revealed that he knew he had signed on to do 13 more "Doctor Who" episodes, which includes the Christmas special. In fact, the writer said he was trying to fight for more episodes.

The release date for "Doctor Who" season 10 is yet to be released.