'Do You Believe?' Movie Stands Behind Religious Freedom & Highlights Topic that Correlates with Atlanta Fire Chief who Was Fired for Christian Faith [VIDEO]

Do you believe

'Do You Believe?' arrives in theaters March 20 and is already receiving rave reviews. The film touches on many relevant topics from crime, military, religious freedom, suicide, abortion, and more. It spans across different cultural backgrounds and will bring the message of Jesus Christ to both the believing and non-believing crowd.

Watch an exclusive clip below that draws a correlation in the film with a news story that recently surfaced in America.

We live in a country founded on Christian principles, where religious freedoms have always been an integral part of our national character ... until now. In DO YOU BELIEVE?, the powerful new film from the creators of God's Not Dead, we meet an EMT named Bobby who is an on-fire Christian. When Bobby leads a dying man to saving faith in Jesus, his world comes crashing in. But that's also when Bobby fully understands that while his faith may cost him, it's a price he's willing to pay. As he says, "If what I did has suddenly become a crime, then I'm proud to plead guilty."

Check out (and share) this incredible scene from DO YOU BELIEVE? featuring Liam Matthews as Bobby and Andrea Logan White as Andrea.

DO YOU BELIEVE? opens in more than 1,100 theaters on March 20-two weeks from this Friday. The theater list on the website now includes links so you can buy your tickets ahead of time. Who do you know whose faith could use a little shot in the arm? Get your tickets today and take them on opening weekend!

You may be wondering if what happens in DO YOU BELIEVE? could actually happen in the real world. Alliance Defending Freedom answers that with a resounding YES. This legal organization is currently defending the former fire chief of Atlanta who was fired for his beliefs. Watch this video to hear what ADF thinks about DO YOU BELIEVE? and then read the blog post to learn more about their real-life case.

At the top of the year an Atlanta fire chief claimed he was fired for his Christian beliefs. See below:

Watch the full trailer for 'Do You Believe?' below, and for more information visit doyoubelieve.com 
'Do You Believe?' | New Exclusive Movie Trailer Release !!! (HD)