'Clash Of Clans' Cheats: Step by Step Video Teaches Gamers How to Improve Buildings and Units


As the hit game Clash of Clans continues to be trending worldwide and is being played by thousands, several cheats have surfaced and reported so that gamers wouldn't have to buy gems all the time to improve their buildings and units.

Surely the cheats posted online are of great use for the avid gamers since it is said to be easy as there will be no need to download, hack, jailbreak or survey. There are several cheats but one however is seen to be most useful.

A user on youtube 'Clash of Clans 101' posted a step by step video teaching the gamers how to improve their buildings without buying gems. The video is less than 4 minutes which starts off instructing gamers to go to a website called AppBounty.net.

After visiting the website, the gamer will then be lead to downloading another app called GIfYeah which unlocks several purchases one user can get. In the very easy and instructional youtube video, the gamer can get his free 50 credits by just using the code that the YouTube video mentioned.

After that, the gamer can now finally purchase anything he likes including the gems he needs to improve his clan. Meanwhile, in another video that instructs the gamers to download an app called feature/galladon, one can already acquire extra gems by raising points on the website.

It's quite easy and free so that the gamers can continue using the game without having their pockets emptied out. Several instructional videos are also available for the complete usage of avid Clash of Clans fans.

So far the game which is about competing against different clans, improving kingdoms and going on wars against other clans online or offline has gained a lot of fans and is continually being played by thousands of gamers worldwide.