Christians, Are Tattoos a Sin? Former DC Talk Member Chimes in on Topic with Fans, 'I Love Ink'

Facebook: Kevin Max

Christian artist and former DC Talk member Kevin Max brought up an interesting topic of discussion on his Facebook: Christians, "Are tattoos a sin?"

"Does the scripture that talks about marking the body, actually hold credit as a lesson today? Does the Ink have a line that can be crossed in volume or is it just creative expression.... Discuss:" he wrote on his Facebook.

The comments on the subject were quite mixed on the subject, and was brought up after Kevin was reading a passage in the Bible with his family. 

"Btw- this discussion was rendered as I read this passage to my family today- the question was asked- I truly also believe God loves creative expression, whether it be ink or hair dye.... But then again the opposite is also true, He loves the natural true self He created- no need for decoration... But I love Ink.... Ahh well," Kevin wrote.

The scripture being addressed: "You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks upon you: I am the LORD." Leviticus 19:28.

However, a commenter named Nancy Paps added a great contextual quote about the original Greek translation of the text and what it actual says.

"The original text is talking about dotted letters not tattoos. The way they were done was similar somehow but what was forbidden was the names of their dead and of their deities," wrote Paps, "What they were doing at the time was writing these names on their bodies and actually cutting themselves (Not piercing as in some translations) in a ritualistic way in honour to their dead and their deities. THAT WAS WHAT WAS FORBIDDEN."

They continued, "Tattoos are perfectly fine especially if they glorify His name. Hope this clears the picture and also helps some people get rid of the conviction that has been generally circulating from Church circles."

What do you think of Kevin's topic starter on tattoos? Are they a sin or not? BC will be opening up a broader discussion this topic in the upcoming weeks.