Christian Teenagers Crucified, Unborn Babies Hung From Trees in Syria; Jihadists Take Action for Refusing Islam (Video)

A Croatian Catholic website reported the brutal deaths of two Christian teenagers who were crucified for refusing to convert to Islam along with countless other deaths by many Jihadists/extremist Muslim groups in Syria.

Sister Raghida, former head of a Christian school in Damascus explained the horrific event. "Islam or death" was the choice given to many Christians in Syria on Tuesday during the height of the conflict in Syria. She said many Syrian Christians have been affected by the atrocities taking place in the Christian population of the Middle Eastern country, an area once known for the harmonious coexistence of Muslims and Christians.

According to Sister Raghida, the Muslims came to the two youths and said, "So you want to die as a teacher in whom you trust? Please choose: either to renounce (faith) or you will be crucified!"


(Photo : youtube /Screen Grab )

The boys both refused to renounce faith in Jesus Christ and were martyred because of it. One of them was crucified in front of his father, who was then killed. The nun went on to tell the radio station that the Jihadists entered the city of Maaloula and started killing men, women, and children. According to her report, they killed and played football with the heads of those murdered. Sister Raghida also said the killers took pregnant women and pulled out the babies from their wombs and hung them from a tree by their umbilical cords.

The sister explained that the nearly two-thirds of Christians remaining in Syria are those who generally do not have the money to leave or were denied visas, as is the case with her family.

Nevertheless, the sister, as well as the remaining Syrian Christians, are staying strong throughout all of the hopelessness and despair.

She said after the massacre, "We celebrated Mass for the dead, and our prayer was even stronger... The Lord will not abandon us ... Our country will recover and our commitment to Christ will be even stronger!" has partnered up with Sister Hatune Dogan, an Eastern Orthodox nun who has rescued thousands to help save Christians in Syria.

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The talk with Sister Raghida can be found here (in French).