Christian Student Allegedly Kills Fiancee and Stages Scene Months Before the Two Wed (PHOTOS)

Christian ministries major Charles Pittman a student at Union University in Tennessee, was arrested on charges of first-degree murder and evidence tampering for the murder of his Fiancee Olivia Greenlee.

Pittman, 21, allegedly shot his long-term girlfriend turned Fiancee Greenlee as they sat inside her Toyota Corolla, in the campus parking lot last Tuesday night.

According to The Jackson Sun, he is then accused of staging the scene to make it look like Greenlee had killed herself.

Greenlee, a senior in music education, was found dead inside the vehicle the next morning. After a three-day long investigation, cops claimed they found a gun inside the car that belonged to a friend of Pittman that was taken without his knowledge.

Pittman was a children's minister at his church, Providence Baptist Church. He has been suspended as the outcome of the case is still pending, according to a WBBJ report.

Pittman's Facebook profile shows him as a dedicated religious student who quotes Bible verses on a weekly basis. He also wrote about several bullying incidents in which he was seemingly targeted for his religious beliefs and was labeled a "Jesus Freak."

News of Greenlee's death has shocked the private Christian liberal arts university campus.

"Many of us are baffled, in disbelief, sad and grieving, yet grieving not without hope because of our faith and our confidence in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ," Union President Dr. David Dockery told the assembly, according to the Jackson Sun. "The Bible tells us to weep with those who weep. And across campus this week, there have been plenty of tears."

Photos of Pittman and Greenlee posted on his Facebook with heartfelt captions show the young student in love with his Fiancee. The two lived separately while they were engaged. They got engaged in May 2013 and planned to wed in August. 


faceBook: Charles Andre Pittman
(Photo : faceBook: Charles Andre Pittman)