Carman Licciardello Says Record Companies 'Would Not Go Near a Cancer Patient' with Months to Live; Reveals Plans for New Album


Christian gospel legend Carman Licciardello revealed his plan for a new gospel record stemmed out of the support he received during his battle with cancer.

"When I was diagnosed with incurable cancer in 2013, I just assumed it was over and I had to get my affairs together. People asked me to record one last record, but the record companies would not go near a cancer patient with 18 months to live," he shared.

He then explained that by going to "you, the people" with a Kickstarter campaign it was able to happen. "It was the people who gave that resurrected this ministry." Carman said enough money was raised to make the new CD, No Plan B, promote, start up a tour, and create the production, screens, videos, lights, and travel.

Carman announced his new project prior, but brought it to light again. The History of Worship Part 1 will be a "picture of classic hymns and new praise classics."

 The singer said the new campaign starts on May 1st and will include 14 different giving levels and reward packages that will be available for download instantly.

He also promised that the production will be more elaborate that he has ever done.

He concluded, "Tell all your friends to come join us on Facebook, by sharing this post on your timeline and inviting them to like this page. This is where we will stay in touch with some very special Facebook-only times where we will talk live and share. Come be a part of 'The History of Worship!'