Carman Cancer Update: Singer Enters Second Round of Chemo Treatments, 'I've Never Been as Optimistic in My Life'

Christian singer Carman is embarking on his second half of difficult chemo treatments and is prepping for his Live Across America Tour at the same time.

As of December 2013, Carman has been in the hospital receiving chemo treatments and stem cell replacement therapy, after normal cancer treatments failed to work. In the New Year he gave an update to his devoted followers.

"It's a lot to deal with. I am officially 1/2 way through treatment. 4 months in and 4 months to go. The middle part is the hardest," he said. "Second time around is harder, fevers, shakes, night sweats ect, because your body is weakened. So this is gong to be a bumpy ride folks. But its all a part of the fight to get to the other side of this lake of fire."

The singer has been very vocal about his entire process through his social media outlets. Despite the entire ordeal Carman has remained surprisingly upbeat.

"It's funny but I haven't gotten depressed one day through all this. I've had lot's of bad news come my way that I had to take a minute to digest, but overall my spirits are up and surprisingly I've never been as optimistic in my life as I am today," he posted.

A photo post made on both his official and personal Facebook accounts on February 14, 2013, reveled that he was diagnosed with incurable Multiple Myeloma Cancer and given a 3-5 year window of time to live.

With the news and the fans not willing to go down without making sure he continues to reach people for Christ through music; Carman launched a project with Kickstarter in April to raise money for a new album and video project. Just weeks later the projected goal set by the singer was exceeded by more than double of what he anticipated to raise from the project. A short time later, he announced an upcoming sixty-city tour as well.

He recently started a new campaign, Live Across America, to take his music ministry into every major and minor city hungry for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The evangelist hailing from Trenton, New Jersey has helped change the face of Christian music. He has helped evolve contemporary music evangelism into what it is today. Carman established "Carman Ministries" and "Carman World Outreach," non-profit organizations that touched the lives of millions of people worldwide.

The theatrical singer holds the record for the largest soul-winning musical event in TV History, with Halloween 3:16 airing on TBN with an alleged 70,000 souls coming to Christ in one night. He has 15 gold and platinum albums, and has sold over 10 million records.