'Borderlands 3' Release Date, News, Rumors: Third Installment May Come Sooner? More Improvements To Arrive?


The third installment of the game may be coming out sooner than we all thought. The upcoming GearBox game will definitely become a hit once it gets released.

According to Borderlands 3 News, there might be a lot of improvements in the game because of the technology that we have today. Travelling in an open world would be smoother and more enjoyable.

The story line might also get better. Before, it was not as desirable as people thought it would be but we can't blame them since GearBox has not really reached its peak yet. An open world, shooter game idea is great but I think the developers have not stretched out on that idea yet.

As for the firearms and vehicles, GearBox is very capable in improving that department. Expect new weaponry in the upcoming "Borderlands 3."

Also, according to the site, the core or the main recipe of the game, the one part of the game which the developers had perfected, is the random gun generation, the looting or dropping of firearms and the gun mechanics which is perfectly synced in with the RPG style of gameplay. Let's be honest, it's not the best shooter game today, but we can't deny that there's promise when we actually review the game. Maybe it's the same reason why gamers can't help but give a lot of praise at the game.