Bible Society of Brazil Conducts Colossal Evangelism at 2014 FIFA World Cup

The Bible Society of Brazil and its allies have reported that they are spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ at this year's FIFA World Cup in Brazil where thousands of fans from across the globe are gathering for the tournament.

"Fair Play Brazil [aka Joga Limpo Brasil movement] was inspired by the vision that led the Apostle Paul to travel to Corinth in Acts 18," said The Bible Society of Brazil's Dr. Rudi Zimmer. "Corinth was one of the largest and busiest cities of the Roman Empire and hosted one of the biggest sporting events on the calendar, the Isthmian Games. There, Paul found the opportunity to preach the Gospel to people from all over the world. We and our partners share that same vision now-both for the World Cup this year and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016."

Dr. Zimmer further explained why the Christian organization chooses the biggest soccer event to share the Good News to soccer fans who follow the sport with such devotion.

"Brazilians are football-mad and their obsession with football will reach fever pitch over the next few weeks, when we host the World Cup," said Zimmer. "We want the Bible to have a prominent presence amidst all the excitement. It's an unprecedented opportunity for churches and Christians here to share God's Word with local and foreign fans, and we want to equip and encourage them to do that."

In addition, the volunteers will also give out at least 20,000 copies of the Gospel of John, in addition to other Biblical booklets (in 8 different language including Brazil's official language Portuguese) to the soccer fans in attendance at the event.

"We want as many people as possible to get the chance to hear about God's love for them, so please pray for this outreach at the World Cup," said Dr. Zimmer. "Pray for God's blessing and guidance for the volunteers and pray that the football fans will have open hearts to hear and welcome the message of God's Word."