'Avatar 2' News, Rumors: Director James Cameron Has Hands Full with Movie Sequels

“Avatar 2: Return to Pandora” poster

Director James Cameron decided to devote himself to focusing all of his time in the 2010s to making sequels to Avatar, after it became the highest grossing movie of all time. Now, however, it appears that he may have written too much material for the films.

James Horner, who worked alongside Cameron on the first Avatar movie, released in 2009, as well as Aliens and Titanic, said that the director is attempting to cut down screenplays for four sequels into three so that he can keep to his planned release schedule, in an interview with Hey U Guys.

Horner said that Cameron is putting all of his effort into keeping the amount of sequels for the movie down to three, instead of allowing the series to expand into a total of five movies.

Horner's statement makes in unclear whether or not there is a problem with editing out material, and implies that Cameron wants to keep to three sequels, possibly following the trend of splitting the final installment into two movies in order to keep the income of the franchise steady.

Without adjustment for inflation, the first sci-fi epic in the Avatar franchise was the highest grossing movie in history, with a global box office earning of over three billion dollars.

The movie also won three Oscars in 2010. The sequels have been under production for a long time, with the first being expected to come to theaters in 2016, but this has been pushed back a year.

The third Avatar movie is scheduled to make its debut in 2018, and the fourth will be released on the big screen, hopefully by the year 2019.