2014 MTV Movie Awards: Host Conan O'Brien Calls the Show 'Satanic Cult Awards' Then Worships 'The Dark Lord' (VIDEO)

The MTV Movie awards are known for its wild antics, and the 2014 show was no different. Host Conan O'Brien kicked off the show Sunday night with a monologue in which he shouted out, "Welcome to the Satanic Cult Awards," but many Christian theorists feel that there is something more going on than meets the eye. 

The television host mocked the over-the-top set design. He walked out to smoke and fire and upon getting to his mark was prompted to say, "Welcome to the Satanic Cult Awards, ladies and gentlemen!"

He then took it a step further and said, "All hail the dark lord!" The comedian went on with his monologue and made it seem that his references of Satanic worship was his way poking fun of the popular show.

"Kids if you are watching at home, don't do drugs and then go into set design," he said. He claimed that, "fire, explosion and rap music," helped him come the conclusion that the "dark lord" was to be praised for the dramatic entrance.

It was not the first time O'Brien babbled the words "Hail Satan;" during a monologue for his late night show he supposed jokingly said it again.

Three minutes into the monologue you can hear the TBS host and his co-host have a back and forth "hail Satan" conversation.

MTV has broadcasting the worship of Satan during its awards shows before. At the 2009 MTV Music Awards, actor Jack Black came out dressed as a buffed heavy metal guy to promote a video game. At one point Black asked the audience to put their devil horns in the air and then proceeded to pray to the "Dear dark lord Satan."

Many believe that these monologues are done intentionally to desensitize people to the term and eventually win them over to Satanic practices. According to Abundant Life Living and various other publications the occult theme in the entertainment (WARNING LINKS OUT TO ADULT CONTENT) industry is allegedly associated with the Illuminati.

Do you think O'Brien proclaiming the award show was a cult, or was it a joke or a subliminal message?