Is the Bible an Imperfect Book Used Perfectly by God? Why is More Faith Placed in Scripture Than Jesus? (INTERVIEW)

Justin SarachikAug 29, 2014 12:13 PM EDT

Members of the Bad Christian Podcast spoke to BreatheCast about several topics including whether any of their guests on the show have swayed their faith and views on Christianity, to which Pastor Joey Svendsen admitted, yes.

The most important thing to know is that Bad Christian aims to bring up topics of discussion that are not necessarily common ground in mainstream Christianity. Emery's Toby Morrell and Matt Carter along with Svendsen invite guests who have conflicting opinions on Christianity, scriptures, and the church to give them a forum to discuss these topics. They are not on the podcast to convert people, but rather to open up interesting dialogue on faith.

The podcast has featured Atheists, a former porn star turned Christian, members of formerly or current Christian bands, and gay approving or even gay Christians. The three hosts not always agree with everything their guests say, and when they do not, they discuss it or agree to disagree. With that being said, Svendsen shared that sometimes the guests do strike a chord a change their thought process.

"I believe the Bible is used perfectly by God. But I don't necessarily think everything in it is perfect," he said. He came to that conclusion the more they spoke to guests. Svendsen said people in history grapple through truth, and that is something he struggled with. When Jesus was ascended, there was no New Testament. All faith was in Jesus, but now people put their faith in the Bible.

Carter feels "the Bible will continue to be seen differently as time goes on" and that maybe after another couple hundred years everything we read now will have a new meaning.


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BreatheCast followed up with Svendsen to draw a little more out of his thoughts because taken in that fashion some people may have a problem with his statements.

"What I mean is that I'm okay with the Bible being infallible, but not necessarily inerrant. God, all through history has used things/people that are obviously imperfect for His perfect work. It's still something that I am processing, but I would be okay with the Bible being one of those things," he said.

He continued, "Here are some things I know for SURE. The Bible that we read right now is DEFINITELY not inerrant. Potentially--and honestly I believe currently--that the original translation actually written by the original authors IS inerrant but I would be okay if it wasn't."

Svendsen goes to explain examples of what he is talking about and confirms what he does believe and follows through Jesus.

"Like for example, if Luke got a detail wrong, that wouldn't discount the whole biblical message for me. I believe that Jesus is who He said He was, I believe that the Holy Spirit used Paul, Peter, John, Jude and Luke to continue teaching us, I believe that Jesus read the Old Testament and believed in its powerful ability to instruct, I believe that Jesus talks to me, I believe He is the only way to God," he said, "I'm okay with saying that I don't know anything else. And honestly the Bible tells us that this WILL indeed be the case (Isaiah 55 - His thoughts/ways are higher than ours). In Deuteronomy we read that there are things that God has actually hidden from us. Oh, how God's paths are beyond tracing!"

To the guys of Bad Christian the clear cut devotion to Jesus is what is most important to them with the Bible's details as backup and a code to live by. This is why Gungor's comments about evolution, Adam and Eve, and Noah didn't sway them as much because at the core Gungor believed Jesus was his Savior.

BCP admitted that they often have doctrinal disagreements with each other over some of this stuff, but again it does matter to the core basis of their faith.

Morrell wrestles with a Calvinist viewpoint of his faith, "God's sovereignty, and just God being in control of everything...the idea of freedom, what does that mean? Even in Christ, how much of your life does God control? Does God need you to say forgive me?"

He is also focused on what he can do for the kingdom of God today rather than looking toward the future and the rapture. "What does it matter what you think about the rapture? When God comes back, it's go time," Carter chimed in.

"Some of the stuff we said is probably wrong, and we don't want to be presented in a way where everyone needs to listen to us because we are the smart the guys. We are pretty convicted by a lot of the things we say," Svendsen added at the conclusion of the interview.

What do you think of BCP's comments? Are they poignant questions and thoughts, or do they seem a bit off base?


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BC recently featured the three part interview with Matt, Toby, and Joey of Bad Christian. This article was done separately from that original series. Be sure to read part one here, part two here, and part three here.

Check out Bad Christian's blog, podcast, and label here.

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